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Tent zippers -  Awning zips -boat zips
Heavy duty & medium weight. Open end-closed end-4 way panels

ZIPS - We stock a huge range of heavy duty and medium weight open ended, closed end, size 10 and size 8, 4 way awning panel zips for tents - awnings and marine uses Sizes up to extra long, Suitable for Isabella, Dorema, Bradcott, Kampa, Ventura, Trio, Sunncamp, Inaca etc. Awning alterations & repairs.YKK zips and spares for sale




Tear aid repair tape uv resistant waterproof for tents awnings clothes

In our shop we have awning and tent fabrics, patches, tapes, keder, piping, caravan awning skirts, wheel covers, and much more for you to do your own repairs and alterations.

Pleas contact us if you would like assistance.




Awning & tent  repairs-alterations-modifications. Zips replaced-mudsplash  repairs-panel replacement

Our tent and awning repair workshop has been established for many years and provides a very high standard of awning alterations and epairs, zips replaced, mudsplash repairs, re-panelling, Keder (piping)

replacement , etc.

product information

We are a long established company specialising in high quality caravan awning alterations and repairs. SEE MORE ABOUT REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS

We sell many types of heavy duty and medium weight zippers in various colours for many applications. 

We sell zippers in two weights - Heavyweight  (approx 9 mm across the teeth) and Medium weight  (approx 7mm across the teeth)

All of our zips are fitted with two pullers on each slider which means that they can be opened from both sides. 

MOULDED TOOTH ZIPS  have seperate plastic teeth. General purpose i.e. doors , panels, bags, particularly suited to marine applications where salt is a factor.  Can be fitted with one or two sliders .  BUY MOULDED TOOTH ZIPS

SPIRAL OR COIL ZIPS have a continuous nylon spiral which forms the teeth. General purpose i.e. awning and tent doors , panels etc. Good for awning panel and doors which have tight curves because they are a bit more flexible than moulded tooth zips. BUY SPIRAL OR COIL ZIPS

  • 4 WAY AWNING REMOVABLE SPIRAL PANEL ZIPS are heavy duty spiral zippers with 4 sliders enabling the complete panel to be removed. BUY AWING 4N WAY PANEL ZIPS

  • SLEEPING BAG ZIPS are usually spiral type with one reversible slider or two if you want to be abls to open the zip from the bottom for ventilation. BUY SLEEPING BAG ZIPS

BAG ZIPPERS are usually heavy duty for rucsacs and bags. They are sealIRAL  OR COIL ZIPSed at both ends and  have one or two sliders to enable both end opening or centre opening. BUY BAG ZIPPERS

REPAIR TAPE AND PATCHES are self adhesive. TEARAID is a very flexible strong and UV resistant repair tape for many applications. AWNING ROOF PATCHES are self adhesive and made of the same fabric as awnings. BUY REPAIR TAPES 

CARAVAN DRAUGHT SKIRTS are to slide into the rail along the bottom of the caravan to stop draughts from ubder the caravan. Our skirts are made in two different heights but can also be made to order. They are made from a strong flexible PVC coated woven fabric unlike some of the products on the market which re made with inferior plastic fabrics. They are fitted with our easy-glide 6mm core awning piping (keder). BUY CARAVAN DRAUGHT SKIRT

AWNING PIPING (KEDER) is the profile which is attached to awnings to attach them to the caravan. We stock 6mm core which is used on caravans and 4 mm for fiamma and omnistore awnings. The 4mm is also used in conjunction with the 6mm  to attach the blocks which hold the awning poles in place against the caravan. BUY AWNING PIPING (KEDER)

About Us

Awning and tent repairs. Caravan awning size alterations, modifications. zippers - zips and spares.

Our workshop

 We have been manufacturing and repairing awnings for over 25 years and pride ourselves on the quality of our work and reliability .

 All our work is guaranteed for 6 months. 

Your holidays and leisure time are important to you and you can rely on us to complete the repairs and alterations to the very highest standards and within the arranged time scale.
 Fast, reliable and very competitively priced delivery service for the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland.
Caravan awning alterations and modifications: 

We can probably make your existing awning bigger or smaller in size to fit your new van and save you £££s 

zips - zippers - heavy duty -  fabrics - tapes -repair tapes and patches - keder - awning - tent

Our online shop

If you need  zips for tent or awning repairs we have a huge range of  heavy duty (size 10) and medium weight (size 8) closed end and open ended zippers, 4 slider panel zips  plus a range of closed end and open ended salt resistant marine heavy duty  zips.

 We also sell  self adhesive tapes and self adhesive patches, tent and awning fabrics, caravan skirts, 6 mm and 4mm awnng piping (keder), and much much more for the trade and retail.for you to do your own repairs.

We provide a fast and efficient delivery service 

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